Zong 6GB Data, Talk time and SMS in Rs. 500

Nabeel Ahmed • January 1, 2019

Zong offers 2GB of data in Super Card in Rs. 500 per month. It gives plenty of calling minutes and SMS. For me calling minutes and SMS are not usable. I use internet data more. So I decided to search their packages and found the following custom bundles.

Zong Combo Pack (Rs. 200)
  • 3GB internet volume
  • 50 all-network minutes
  • Validity: 15 days


Not auto recursive More details

Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle (Rs. 50)
  • 500 SMS/day
  • 30 MB/day WhatsApp
  • Validity: 30 days


Auto recursive More details

For one month, you will need two Zong Combo Packs and one SMS bundle, totalling Rs. 450. We have 50 Rs left (500-450). Combo Pack has call setup charges of Rs 0.12 per outgoing call. You can make around 415 outgoing calls, which will result in Rs. 50.

  • 6GB internet data
  • 100 all network minutes
  • 500 SMS per day
  • WhatsApp 30 MB per day

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